When was the door invented? From Great Ancient Egypt to Modern Times

when was the door invented
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Doors have been around since ancient times and play an important role in our lives. But who and when was the door invented? And what is the history of this essential invention? We take for granted the fact that we can open a door to enter a room or close it when we wish to remain secure or private. Let’s look at the doors’ evolution from ancient Egypt to modern times. 

The First Doors 

Doors may have been around since the dawn of time since it’s such an essential element of architecture. Nonetheless, we can trace their origins back to Central Egypt 4 millennia ago. The doors were made of wood, with metal and stone used for added strength and durability. These early doors were also decorated with carvings and inscriptions and painted with bright colors. 

In Biblical times, King Solomon’s temple entry doors were made of olive wood, while wooden doors became common in Europe around 1000 years later. By this time, iron had become popular for both decoration and security purposes. These early doors often featured elaborate designs and intricate locks that could only be opened by key or combination. 

when was the door invented
When was the door invented? From Great Ancient Egypt to Modern Times 3

Different Types of Doors 

Doors come in many different types, each serving its purpose. Internal doors are usually lightweight and used within a building to separate rooms or areas; they are often hinged along one side so they can swing open and close easily.

External doors are typically more robust than internal ones because they need to provide additional security against intruders and protection from the elements outside; many exterior doors feature multiple locking mechanisms for extra security. Sliding patio and French doors are also popular external options that allow you to enjoy views outside without compromising security when closed.

Bi-folding, fire-rated, folding, sliding pocket, acoustic soundproofing, automatic/electric powered, flush paneled, and even emergency exit options are available for specific applications or requirements within buildings or homes. Also worth mentioning is the garage door, whose benefits are undeniable. Your modern-day guardian angel swings wide to let you in, allowing cars and other vehicles full access to their safekeeping space!

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So, when was the door invented?


The history of door invention goes back thousands of years but when was the door invented remains largely unknown today – all we know is that it was invented in central Egypt sometime before 4000 BC! Throughout their evolution, doors have served important roles in providing security, privacy, and aesthetic benefit throughout ancient and modern civilizations – allowing us to control access into our homes while still enjoying views outside when desired! Whether you live in an old house with traditional wooden beams framing your entranceway or a new home with sleek electric-powered entrances, remember that somebody invented the door first! Thanks to them, we no longer have just walls but can move freely between spaces whenever we please!

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