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If you need a reliable Locksmith in Goodyear AZ, Flat Rate Locksmith is the answer. We provide top services for any residential, automotive, and commercial lock&key problem you have.

Brand Expert Car Locksmith Goodyear AZ

Automobile Locksmith

Brand Expert Locksmith Solutions for your vehicle

Broken or damaged car key? Look no further! We are a professional automotive locksmith, we are reliable, and we’re here to help you with any lock and key solution your vehicle needs, such as car key replacement, extractions, ignition repairs, and more. We have locksmith solutions for any situation!

Do you need a locksmith service for your car? We offer the services below:

Key Extraction

If you’ve broken your key in your car lock, Flat Rate locksmith can help. We have specialized car locksmith extraction services to help you get back on the road. 

Ignition Repair

Trust us to restore your ignition’s functionality and get you back on the road safely. Contact us today for fast and reliable Ignition Repair service.

Car Lockout

Flat Rate Locksmith can help you if your car ever gets locked. We’re fast, efficient and professional enough that we’ll have unlocked the doors before long!

New Car Key

Whether you’ve lost your keys, need an extra set, or your current key is damaged, our skilled locksmiths are here to help. 

Key Fob Programming

This service ensures that your key fob functions properly with your vehicle, providing convenience, security, and ease of use. We are expert and reliable option if you need assistance with key fob programming.

Car Key Replacement

Our experts will carefully assess your vehicle’s make and model, ensuring that we provide you with an accurate and reliable replacement key.  We can cut and program a new key that perfectly matches your car’s specifications. 

Commercial Locksmith

Skillful & Efficient Business Locksmith

Look no further than Flat Rate Locksmith! We are a trusted commercial locksmith service. We have a wide range of services available, so whether you need new locks installed, office rekey, or just a quick repair we are here to help.

Skillful & Efficient Business Locksmith Goodyear AZ

Need locksmith services for your business? Explore our wide range of services:

Business Re-Key

 Whether you’ve experienced a security breach, employee turnover, or simply want to update your key access, our professional locksmiths will reconfigure your locks to ensure maximum protection.

File Cabinets Keys Made

We understand the importance of keeping your documents and files secure. We offer a specialized service for making keys for file cabinets, providing you with a convenient solution for maintaining the security

Business Lockout

If you’ve misplaced your keys, locked them inside the building, or are facing any other lock-related issue, we are here to help. With our expertise we can safely unlock your doors in no time.

Office Lock Change

When it comes to the security of your office, don’t take any chances. We offer quick, reliable service for office and commercial lock change and other security measures to keep your business safe.

Master Key System

With our expert master key service, we can create a hierarchical system where a single master key can unlock all the designated locks, while individual keys are limited to specific areas.

Safe Combinations Change

Changing the combination of your safe is a proactive measure to prevent unauthorized access. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to handle a wide range of safes, including home safes, commercial safes, and high-security safes.

Trustable Home Locksmith Goodyear AZ

Residential Locksmith

Trustable & Efficient Home Locksmith

We are Flat Rate Locksmith. We provide reliable home locksmith solutions, we are licensed and insured, and we are experts in the field. We offer many services, including residential lockouts, lock installation and repair, key duplication, and more. We’re here for you when you need us!

Looking for professional locksmith services for your home? Our comprehensive range of services include:

Home Lock Change

Upgrade your home’s security with professional lock change service. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient solutions for your residential needs.

Residential Re-Key

 Residential Rekey service is designed to enhance the security of your home by changing the key combination of your existing locks. 

Home Lockout

We want to help you get back into your home as soon as possible, our professional Locksmiths provide fast and reliable lockout services and solutions. 

Front Door Lock Installation

Enhance your home’s security with a professional front door installation from our local Locksmiths. Trust us for top-quality materials and expert installation.

Door Lock Installation

We can help you with installation and repairs on any type of lock, from residential to commercial properties. We have a local locksmith who has all the expertise required.

High Security Door Lock

Our locksmiths offer top-notch service to keep you and your family safe and secure with a wide range of high-security lock systems tailored to your specific needs.

Emergency Locksmith

100% Reliable Emergency Locksmith

Flat Rate Locksmith is here to help. We provide expert emergency locksmith services, so you can get back into your home or car as quickly as possible. We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle any lock-related problem you may have. 

100% Reliable Emergency Locksmith Goodyear AZ

Emergeny Locksmith solutions and services:

Car Lockout

We realize how inconvenient it is to forget your keys inside the vehicle. That’s why we have emergency locksmiths who are available to assist you. 

Home Lockout

When you can’t get back into your house, it might be a very distressing situation. You need professional services to assist you with your home lockout and we are here to help!

Car Key Replacement

Whether you’ve lost your keys, they’ve been stolen, or they’re damaged beyond repair, our skilled locksmiths can assist you, we can cut and program a new key that perfectly matches your car’s specifications.


Re-keying is a convenient solution when you move into a new home, business, want to improve security after a security breach, or simply want to have better control over who has access to your property.

Change Lock

We have a locksmiths specialized on change locks so that you’re able to get back into your property without any further inconvenience.

Office Lockout

Is your business is suffering because of an office lockout? Our mobile locksmith can help get things back on track for you quickly and efficiently!

The most rated Locksmith Goodyear AZ is here to help

Highly recommended Locksmith for your Car Home or Business

When looking for a respected locksmith Flat Rate Locksmith is the answer for you! 

Our locksmith in Goodyear Arizona offer a wide range of services, from key cutting to lock installation, and many more so you can be sure we have exactly what you need! 

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What People Say About Flate Rate Locksmith

Locksmith Services for any Lock & Key needs


Below, we’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions to better assist our customers.

Yes, we have the expertise and equipment to program and replicate key fobs for various vehicle makes and models. Whether you have lost your original key fob or need an additional one, a locksmith can provide the necessary services to program a new key fob and ensure it works with your vehicle’s security system.

Overall, using a locksmith provides the expertise, convenience, and security solutions necessary to address your lock and key needs effectively and efficiently.

Yes, our locksmiths can assist with lock repairs and replacements for windows and sliding doors. Whether you have a broken lock, a faulty mechanism, or need to upgrade your security, a locksmith can help. This ensures that your windows and sliding doors are properly secured and functioning optimally, enhancing the safety and security of your property.

If you have a broken or malfunctioning lock on your filing cabinet or desk drawer, our locksmiths can assess the issue and provide the necessary repair or replacement services. Whether it’s a simple lock repair or a complete lock replacement, a locksmith can ensure that your filing cabinet and desk drawers are secure and functional.

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