How Often You Should Consider Changing Your Airbnb Locks

How Often You Should Consider Changing Your Airbnb Locks
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How Often You Should Consider Changing Your Airbnb Locks? as an Airbnb owner, a lot of your reputation depends on what measures you take to keep your guests and your property secure.

Changing your locks is a critical decision to make. However, if you are new in the area of hosting or are not very familiar with locks, it can be very challenging to know when to change the locks. Sometimes people who are familiar with locks can also have a hard time understanding this. 

Here, we will talk about when it is time for you to get rid of the old locks of your Airbnb and replace them with new ones. 

New purchase

If you have a property you plan to use as an Airbnb, you might want to change the locks to protect your guests and yourself. There are several reasons behind that. The previous owners could have lost their keys but didn’t change the lock, or they might have given keys to someone but didn’t take that back. There is also a possibility that they have kept copies of the key. Considering all these, the safest option is to replace the lock with a new one.

Damaged or outdated locks

It is hazardous to keep damaged locks in your Airbnb. It puts the lives of your guest at risk, and it creates a negative impression. You must change your damaged locks and get new ones. An old and shabby-looking lock will destroy the overall aesthetic of your BnB. When a guest arrives, the first thing they notice is the front door. If the doorknob and lock look old, it will immediately make the guest have second thoughts about choosing your Airbnb. Thus, it is advisable to replace them with new, upgraded locks. 

Even if your old locks seem to be working fine and look vintage and classy, you should still consider changing them. After years of wear and tear, old locks are prone to breaking easily. Plus, with the constant growth of security technology, the chances are your old lock has been obsolete. There are upgraded and modern locks in the market now that provide better security. So, if you cannot recall when was the last time you replaced your locks, it is high time you change them. 


Your keys got stolen or lost.

If your keys were stolen or misplaced, it is safe to assume that somebody found them and picked them up. In such cases, even if you make a copy of your keys, chances are somebody else has it too. This leaves your property and your guests vulnerable. To keep the security of the place intact, you must immediately change your locks to make sure you are protected against intrusion. 

Other than these, there are few more situations where the best thing you can do is replace the locks of your Airbnb. Some of the scenarios are – 

  • If you recently had a break-in in your BnB.
  • You live far away from your Airbnb property.
  • You hosted a guest who might hold a grudge against you
replace the lock
How Often You Should Consider Changing Your Airbnb Locks 7


When you are an Airbnb owner, you can never take the safety of your guest and property lightly. To prevent vandalism, theft, or unwanted attention, it is essential to keep your locks upgraded. No matter how many safety features you include, it will always come down to the state of your locks. Therefore, you should consult an experienced and professional locksmith like Flat Rate and get your locks checked by them and replace them with new ones if recommended.

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