How Often Should You Change Your Hotel Keys?

How Often Should You Change Your Hotel Keys
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How Often Should You Change Your Hotel Keys? If you are a hotel owner, you must know that your concern does not end at just one thing when you decide to change the locks on your guest room doors.

There are a lot of things that require consideration. Although your priority is always safety, you would also want to cause minimal interruption to your precious guests as a business owner.  

It is mandatory to lock the doors properly to avoid any unwanted intrusion.

To keep your guest and their possessions secure, it is essential to have doors that lock correctly. Keeping that in mind, you most certainly consider changing the locks on your hotel doors. The real question is, how often should you do that? You probably wonder about figuring out the right time to change the door locks of your hotel. It is not complicated; you have to look for a few signs that reveal if your locks need a replacement. 

Check out the list to understand whether you need to replace your old lock with a new one.

Wear and Tear

Damaged, rusted, corroded, or any other sign of degradation is the first indication that your guest room locks need immediate replacements. Unfortunately, it is one of the primary things intruders look for when they search for the weak spots of a potential target. The reason behind this is because it is pretty easy to pick or break an already damaged lock. At the same time, worn-out locks do not open easily, so this would cause inconvenience for your guests.

The situation gets even worse over time if you prolong the replacement. Therefore, as soon as you spot any wear in your locks, you should replace them.


Age 2

It doesn’t matter if you did not face any issues with your lock lately or there is no clear sign of damage. However, it would be best to consider changing it after few years because security technology is constantly evolving. With the growth of technology, older locks get obsolete. 

A modern lock will increase the level of security and add to the aesthetic of the doors. 

Key Duplication

You must change your lock if there has been a case of key duplication. There are a lot of ways someone with an ill intention can make a copy of your keys. This can leave your hotel and guests vulnerable. To prevent this, you should consider upgrading to digital locks or locks that use a key that cannot be duplicated.

Time of Renovation

It is a wise choice to change your locks while you are renovating your hotel. During the process, you might have given out keys to workers. You can never be sure of someone’s intention. Someone might have duplicated the keys.

Changing to new locks will ensure your security is tighter than before and make the doors look better.



Even though your locks seem to be working fine, it is still a good decision to upgrade your locks anyway. When you wonder about replacing the locks, look for the indications, consult an experienced locksmith and act according to their suggestions. 

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